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Posted on July 31, 2022 by Grace Olson

What’s Happening in Furniture Trends

Like all things within the realm of style, there’s an evolution when it comes to being “in” and “out.” 

In the world of interior design, furniture is no exception, and perhaps affects our space and lifestyle more than any other component. Its purpose has to run the gamut of what it offers, and ranges from fun and functional to showpiece and simply aesthetic.

This year, minimalistic and natural are in. That means soft lines and organic shapes are trending, most furniture now incorporating curves and arcs instead of past popular hard lines and sharp corners. Designers are seeing more textured surfaces—like tweed and velvet—to promote comfort and coziness, a side effect of the pandemic that’s still in focus.

Pops of color are still popular, but gone are bold primaries and in their places are earth tones and natural hues.

Three area experts weigh in about how 2022 furniture trends are being seen in the Fox Cities:
Allison Brown, Interior Designer at Furniture Solutions in Appleton; Kimberly Laabs, Interior Designer at Knox Furniture in Neenah; and Shaun McNichols, General Manager of Steinhafels in Appleton.

What one word describes the furniture trend in 2022? 

AB: “Modern.”

KL: “Warmth.”

SM: “Earthy.” 

Is it here to stay, or is something else on the cusp?

AB: The Valley is known for its very traditional styling. I’m noticing, as the area shifts and new families are moving to the area from outside states, that the modern contemporary vibe is spreading quickly.

SM: Being a local furniture store we find that Wisconsin tends to stay with a trend a little bit longer than the coast lines, but the beauty of modern and natural is it can complement any existing designs. 

How/why is “nature” being brought inside the home this year?

AB: The Scandinavian styles lean more toward a modern, clean earthy feel with a simplistic design. A lot of this change was encouraged by our COVID experiences. Being home with all the things made most people realize just how many “things” they really didn’t need. So in came more organic, earthly elements and a soft, neutral palette paired with cozy textures and flat finishes.

KL: The rise of brown tones is taking over rooms to create a warm and inviting space that is timeless. Leather pieces in chocolate brown, cognac, caramel and camel tones are taking over while grays slowly make their way out. These brown tones that are making a comeback work seamlessly with the current trends of incorporating natural and organic elements into each space (greenery, natural wood beams, stone surfaces, etc.).

SM: People are really wanting to get back to nature and bring in natural looks and styles. Modern, textured and raw. Bamboo and earth-friendly have started popping up now as well. Customers want to bring the outside in with seamless designs.

Any color trends?

AB: We’re seeing more blues, creams and caramels.

KL: We are seeing more courage to add pops of color to a space, yet in a subtle way. Using colors like terracotta or sage green that support the natural and warm trends that are taking over. Sherwin Williams’ Pantone Color of the Year for 2022 is Evergreen Fog; a soft green with gray undertones that can be beautifully incorporated into your home; whether on kitchen cabinets, family room walls or even a front door. 

SM: Earthy, saturated colors have been very popular. Greys, greens, ivories.

What is your design philosophy when it comes to incorporating new furniture into a space?

AB: I work in furniture but I also own a design company and no matter the client or item they’re interested in I always tell the client that style goes with everything, it’s color that needs to play nice together.

SM: We, as a society, are busy, so making a multifunctional space for the busy family has been a key focus. 


How to navigate furniture trends:
AB: When it comes to style, go with your gut and what feels right to you. Reach out to a designer, sometimes that’s all you need to bring your wishes into reality. Most of our staff are accredited designers and would be happy to help.

SM: Best bit of advice is to work with a designer. They have gone to school to be the expert, let them do that for you. Here at Steinhafels we have many amazing designers to work with that give you the HGTV experience. You will see renderings of the design and know if you want it in your home prior to committing.

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