2020 Photo Contest: Five Basic Photography Tips

Posted on May 28, 2020 by Alexa Jones

Interested in entering the 2020 Photo Contest, but need a little direction first? If you’re new to photography, you may find these five basic photography tips helpful.

– The best camera is the one you have – whether that’s your cell phone or a DSLR camera. You can take quality photos on most phones these days, so don’t let a lack of expensive camera equipment stop you from starting.

– Composition is key. Keep your horizon as level as possible, and use the rule of thirds to create a balanced image. Take your time and focus on your subject to avoid having too many distractions in the frame.

– Pay attention to the light. Shooting with too little light can make your images appear washed out and grainy, while harsh lighting can cause blown-out highlights and dark shadows. Natural light often results in the best imagery, and surprisingly, a cloudy day is generally better than a sunny one because the clouds help to diffuse the bright sunlight.

– Experiment with depth. Capture your subject from far away for a full view or close up to reveal the details. Changing your perspective can help you photograph unexpected, unique images.

– Try something new. The more you play and experiment, the more interesting your work becomes. Do you always shoot landscapes? Try taking portraits. Test out some new lighting, or head to a location you’ve never visited before. You might be surprised what you learn, and find new tricks to add to your skillset.

Most of all, have fun with it! Enter the 2020 Photo Contest here.

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