Beat the Winter Blues: 3 Ideas That Might Help You Get Your Blood Flowing Again

Just because the sky is gray and the weather is brisk, doesn’t change our need for some physical activity. It is easy to let your couch consume you as you wrap yourself up in a heated blanket, fighting to stay awake past 7pm. However, we are better than this! Here are some ideas that might just help ignite some passion for fitness again. 

  1. Empower Yoga

Empower Yoga offers excellent prices (one class is only $8) to ensure everyone has an opportunity to access their services. It is a relaxing activity that also can produce amazing health benefits. 

The studio utilizes infrared heat which can help boost metabolism, breakdown fat, conditions the cardiovascular system, creates a detoxifying sweat, improves flexibility and joint comfort, and finally, helps manage stress.  

This is a great sustainable fitness plan that *might* trick your brain into thinking it’s summer…even if it’s only for a moment. Empower offers the first class free and then has numerous deals and prices depending on class, age, financial situation, etc. Again, they want the community to have access to this therapeutic, yet active activity. 

Other than the affordability, infrared heating, and physical fitness-there are so many more benefits to giving this studio a shot. It offers an opportunity to socialize, expand your horizons, and by attending a regular class, you are more likely to be held accountable to your fitness plan.  

2. Blaze Sports and Fitness

Blaze Sports and Fitness is the perfect place to join a pick-up game of basketball or volleyball, enjoy open courts for either sport as well, or sign up for a more legitimate team.

This is a great idea for people who know that they are bad at staying on track with a fitness regimen. This is a great place to get a group of friends, acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers, whomever and create a team. Blaze isn’t like your basic gym, it has indoor basketball and volleyball courts along with fitness machines. If you aren’t that competitive or prepared to make a strict time commitment, you can always show up for open gym

With all these resources within the building, they also have a lot of coaching, training options, even nutritional coaching! These opportunities ensure that you make the most of your time at Blaze. Finally, they have several special events such as a golf outing, beach volleyball tournament, and a basketball tournament that includes all age brackets. 

3. Aerial Dance and Pole

Aerial Dance and Pole has locations in both Appleton and Green Bay. They offer a wide range of classes that may not have even crossed your mind before. These classes include Pole, hoop, hammock , and silks. For those who are not familiar with these props, here is a quick and easy definition for the lesser known ones. Hoop is really just as it sounds, a hula hoop that is suspended from the ceiling. The hammock is a large piece of fabric that is all connected, similar to a swing. Finally, the silks are two seperate pieces of fabric that also hang from the ceiling. These are all props that can be used in a more exotic form of dancing. 

If you’re anything like me, then maybe you feel like you were born with two left feet. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from giving it a shot. These classes are focused on the health benefits more than anything. Aerial Dance and Pole helps participants sculpt their entire body. The primary focus is on the arms, stomach, and legs. But wait, that’s not all! The classes also improve core strength, coordination, and helps increase bone density. 

All of these benefits create an increase in self-confidence and overall increase in quality of life. Plus, wouldn’t you just feel good by saying that you did it? 

On January 2, the studio will be inviting the community to an open house between 5 and 7pm. You can show up to the studio, explore the facility, and give the apparatus that might potentially interest you a shot.

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