5 Fun Outdoor Spots 

As the weather warms, make sure to hit up these outdoor destinations  

Deer Mural


This mural by Appleton artist Chad Brady is on the side of The Ambassador in downtown Appleton, which is home to many works of public art. Brady says the mural is somewhat hidden, being located on a “one-way street facing the wrong way into a parking garage” which only adds to its allure. Funded by Pabst Blue Ribbon, this eccentric mural of two deer and a wolf fully clothed and drinking Pabst with a dog at their feet makes a great selfie spot.

Indian Mound Trail

This is the High Cliff everybody's been talking about. This is it.

Located at High Cliff State Park in Sherwood, this 0.6-mile, self-guided trail starts at the Indian Mound lot off Park Road and site 14 of the family campground. The trail is limestone surfaced and showcases effigy mounds built by Native Americans 1,500 years ago.

Foot Chimes 


Via City of Neenah’s website

Mary Rhode, marketing and communications Manager at Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau, recommends checking out these foot-operated dance chimes located in Neenah’s Gateway Plaza. Simply step on the chimes to hear different notes. Follow the established music patterns or create an original song. “It’s certainly fun and festive as they do change the songs seasonally,” Rhode says. 

Lock System 

The Fox River locks play an important roll in the area’s geotourism attraction. Photo courtesy of Joanne Kluessendorf.

Photo courtesy of Joanne Kluessendorf.

Rhode also suggests the Fox River lock system. Operating between May and October, the lock system on the Fox River allows navigation through the river’s elevation changes. In 2015, all of the locks and lock gates were restored, making it the only fully restored, hand-operated lock system in the United States. People may experience the 16 renovated locks on the water by boat, kayak and canoe or by foot, watching the lock doors open and close as the boats go by.

Fox Trot Trail

UnknownThe Fox Trot Trail is a historic 2.2-mile walk with 16 destinations throughout Appleton’s downtown and scenic riverfront. First find the beginning of the trail starting at Houdini Plaza, then follow the marked fox paw prints on the sidewalk and keep following them to the fox head logo painted at each stop along the trail.


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