Intern Intro: Dan

Meet Dan, our newest editorial intern who would risk his life for two things – a spectacular view and soul food.


dmeyer 4Name: Dan Meyer
Age: 20
Hometown: Appleton
School attending: Sophomore at Lawrence University


Tell us about your background:
I grew up in Appleton and attended Appleton West High School. My parents aren’t from the area, but I’ve grown attached to the Fox Cities over time as I’ve witnessed the wide variety of events and backgrounds in the area.


Why did you want to be an intern at FCM?
I’m passionate about writing and I’ve had a growing interest in printed publications. I think FCM does a great job of tying the community together and I was interested in becoming a part of the team.


What’s your favorite thing about the Fox Cities?
It’s hard to pick just one thing, but I think I’d have to go with our community’s ability to draw in different artists, whether they’re musicians, writers or visual artists. It’s amazing that we can host so many events in widely different venues to appeal to just about everyone living in the area.
The last book you read:

“Speedboat” by Renata Adler. I loved it.

Last movie you watched:

No Country for Old Men – again. It’s definitely one of my favorites and is an undeniable classic in the genre of “dad westerns”.


Any hidden talents?
I technically was cut from the freshman team in high school, but I’m fairly certain I could’ve made the U.S. Men’s Olympic basketball team if I had tried out. I’m a solid 6’1″ (that’s not even including the boost I’d get if I wore basketball stilts!) and I can rock a headband. Unfortunately I had a dentist appointment that was scheduled during the Olympics so I didn’t want to lead the team on by making the team and quitting right away.


What can’t you live without?
I love soul food and comfort food! I’m incredibly thankful that the Fox Cities have so many restaurants with great soul food.


What’s the biggest risk you ever took?
I was hiking in the Rockies last summer and saw the opportunity for a spectacular view on a similar ridge near the path I was hiking on; it was a dangerous climb to get there and if I had lost my footing I could’ve been seriously injured. I was fortunate enough to make it to the ridge without injury and the view was better than I imagined.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

My dad once told me, “Nobody will appreciate you if you don’t appreciate yourself.” On the surface, it might sound a little conceited, but I think it emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and self-confidence.

Describe your perfect Saturday:

Waking up around sunrise when the only sound is birds chirping in the trees, then driving up to Nicolet National Forest and hiking around for a few hours. Eventually, I’d return home, sit outside and watch the sunset while listening to music and reading.


Stay tuned to the blog for upcoming posts from Dan, which probably won’t be basketball related. 


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