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Stacks & Steeples, a new original music series, is rooted in Green Bay’s history of blue collar work ethic and “drive to create something when we want it,” says Brian Simons, lead instigator of Stacks & Steeples and Brown County Library executive director.

“If you look at Green Bay’s skyline, it’s smokestacks and church steeples,” Simons says. “You see our present and even more so, our history, in these edifices.”

Simons remembers growing up in Green Bay during the thriving punk and indie music scene of the 1980s and 90s. He hopes this new music series, featuring local and regional acts, will help revive that scene which is already growing through festivals like Mile of Music and progressive venues like Meyer Theatre and The Lyric Room.

“Stacks & Steeples is a music series that builds off of what these folks continue to do,” Simons says. “As a kid, I saw touring bands live and it inspired me to learn an instrument, start bands, and go on tour. It was inspiring and a real confidence booster to see musicians in my small city.”

Performances will be held at the Brown County Central Library, free of charge, on Sundays from 12–3 p.m. February 12 through March 26.

Simons says the venue reflects the evolution of libraries as places to experience culture, as well as the intrinsic connection between music and the art of the written word.

“When you can experience live, original music, the message isn’t diluted. The story is told from the original source,” he says. “Each note, beat, and word are the characters, setting and theme of the story being told.”

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