Bands eager to perform at Heid Summer Concert Series

The Heid Summer Concert Series is back in full swing, as the sound of live music fills the air in downtown Appleton once again.
Appleton Downtown, Inc. has worked extensively with local bands, businesses and restaurants in the last decade to bring the best free experience for fans and members of the local community alike. “We (ADI) have stepped up (in recent years). We always try to add new bands. This year we added The Traveling Suitcase & Eric Lives Here and The Glam Band,” says Greg Otis, summer concerts coordinator for ADI.The bands themselves are excited for another year of the Concert Series, especially Cool Waters Band who recently reunited after an extended hiatus. The high-energy jam band will perform on July 31 (with opening band Bad Habitz) at Jones Park and are ready to embrace the local fan base. “We’re always honored and proud to be part of a community event like this,” says Greg Waters, singer and guitar player of Cool Waters. “It means a ton to us now since we’ve had such a long break. We’ve always had a great crowd to support us,” he says.

As for what to expect from the performance, Waters jokes, “Well, that would give away the secret.” If one thing is certain, however, there will be new faces on the concert stage this summer who are determined to bring the local fans what they want.

Amy Doty, lead vocalist of Road Trip, also extended her gratitude to supporters and the Heid Summer Concert Series. “If you can imagine the perfect summer day, that is what this show is — relaxed, families, food, drinks, dancing, singing; lots of smiles and great people,” says Doty. Road Trip performs tonight for the fourth time at the concert series, taking the stage in Jones Park at 5:30 p.m.

Houdini Plaza Summer Series

Many downtown businesses are accommodating concertgoers by keeping their doors open late into Thursday evening. The Corner Shoppe, Joseph’s Shoes, Miativity Room and many more will be open until 8 p.m. or later. This provides multiple options outside of the concert venue and highlights the widespread community initiative that goes into making the event a success.

Additional amenities include food and beverages provided by local bars and restaurants. Vendors also are available during every concert with everything from Muncheez Pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs to smoothies and other desserts.

The series is held in two locations this summer: Houdini Plaza and Jones Park. Houdini Plaza’s central location provides easy access for everyone in downtown Appleton, while Jones Park is utilized for larger concerts. Each concert begins at 5:30 p.m. and concludes by 8:30 p.m. every Thursday night through August. The upcoming lineup is as follows:

July 3        The Traveling Suitcase & Eric Lives Here
July 10      The Glam Band
July 17      The Love Monkeys
July 24      Half Empty

All four performances are held in Houdini Plaza. For the entire lineup of bands this summer, visit

—By Reid Trier



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