Sara Stein is Running On

I cannot believe we’ve past the end of August. Summer vacations have ended, and so has my internship at FOX CITIES Magazine.

Since joining the staff in January, I feel like I have learned quite a bit. It’s kind of like that old saying, “you can only truly learn something through experience”. It was fun staying at FCM for so long because I felt like an old hand at it by the end and I even helped some newer interns find their way a little bit.

While at my internship I learned what a “real job” will be like once my college days are done. Seeing and experiencing that is priceless to me because I know I will feel a lot less intimidated, but more ready and excited when I get my first job out of college. I feel like I honed in on my writing skills, but not only that, I feel like I have really polished my communication skills.

I wrote at my college newspaper for a year before I was at this internship, and I remember when I first started writing for the newspaper that I was so nervous to conduct interviews over the phone. It sounds so funny now, because now I feel like a pro. It really goes to show how much I’ve changed and how much this experience has really helped me to feel confident and like a true college senior, with experience under my belt and knowledge to help me prepare for the future.

As for right now, I’ll just continue writing for my college newspaper and try to make the most of my last year in college. It went by so fast, and I am getting so old! Well, I guess relative to when I was still a kid at my parents’ house.

I hope to stay in the Fox Cities when I find I job, but I guess I will have to see where life takes me.

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