Intern Intro: Matt

Why is a raven like a writing desk? Our newest intern and resident philosopher Matt could probably tell you.

The Basics

Name: Matt De Stasio

Age: 23

Hometown: Madison, WI

University attended: Lawrence University 2012 Graduate

Favorite thing about the Fox Cities:
In the fall, I really enjoy walking around the Downtown Appleton Farm Market. Aside from the great produce and eye-catching crafts, the atmosphere of a friendly community presses in from all sides.

The Dirt

What is your favorite quote?
In watching a TED Talk about surpassing impossible limits my mind clung to this: “There is only time enough to iron your cape… then back to the skies with you.”

Favorite book? I could never pick an all-time favorite book — there are too many for there to be a clear front runner. Of the more respectable literature in my recent library, I found “The Picture of Dorian Grey” to be thought provoking. Of the more fantastic works, the “Dune” books have been a recent favorite.

Biggest guilty pleasure? It has to be staying up late. There is something absurdly satisfying in denying the authority of the clock by reading just one more chapter.

Most played song on your iPod?
Like everyone else, this changes week to week. Right now it would have to be “Short Change Hero” by The Heavy.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
The power of flight would be profoundly exhilarating. To simply jump into the air and soar above the world would be simultaneously humbling and empowering to the nth degree.

If you could be any fictional character, who would it be?
Harry Potter, just like every other child of this generation.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
I would enjoy meeting any philosopher of note in the philosophy of language field. An advisor of mine favored Bertrand Russell, who wrote what my professor found to be a wonderfully interesting Theory of Names. Our use of words and our understanding of their reference to objects is a subject I would dearly love to discuss with a great thinker.

What do you hope to do after this internship?
If I were to write a thesis statement for this question in the broadest sense, it would be: “I hope to create a life in which I have the power to make myself and others happy in the deepest and fullest sense of the word.” I have a vague idea that moving to Washington D.C. to work on improving society would be a good way to start working towards that goal. From there it is a gloriously blank page.

What’s your dream job?
I don’t usually dream about work, but when I do, I dream about being a suit wearing, Aston Martin driving, gun carrying, martini drinking secret agent. For now, I wear jeans and drive a Honda.

Write your memoir in six words:
Inspiration came late but with intensity.

At what age did you consider yourself an adult?
 Not yet, and hopefully never.

Hidden talents?
I recently, and quite by accident, acquired the ability to make a delicious Swedish pancake. Talent through self-discovery is best when celebrated over brunch.

One interesting fact:
The “crack” of a bullwhip is actually a small sonic boom caused by the tip moving at a supersonic speed.

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