Traveling back in time

Posted on May. 1, 2015 by Amy Hanson

Every piece of history tells a story. Each community also has its tales to tell and artifacts to be discovered. FOX CITIES Magazine unearthed four accounts that contribute to the fabric of the area’s past. Stars and stripes Today, the United States flag waves a proud 50 stars, and 13 alternating red and white stripes READ MORE

The Big Idea

Four Big Ideas That Changed the Fox Cities By Sean P. Johnson Sometimes we take our greatest assets for granted. “I just drive it. I don’t think about it,” says John Bubolz, chairman of the citizens committee that lobbied the state to fund and build the Tri-County Expressway, now known as Wisconsin Trunk Highway 441. READ MORE

The Magic of Place

By Rebecca Turchan Harry Houdini has intrigued residents of the Fox Cities ever since his meteoric rise to fame in the early 20th century. Houdini is forever remembered as a master magician and escape artist, puzzling and astounding audiences with his daring tricks. Rumors and myths swirl around his name, while legends of his superhuman READ MORE

And a River Still Runs Through Us

The Fox River, our great pride and challenge, continues a quiet resurgence. In May 1997, we asked writer Jim Pinkham, a river enthusiast, to pen a seven-part series on our Fox River. Now, as the Fox River Natigational System Authority works to raise the last portion in community contributions for the final part of the READ MORE

Homes That History Built

Take a step back in time with reclaimed materials. In our instant messaging, express-delivery culture that prizes speed and efficiency above all else, it is easy to forget that life did not always move at this breakneck pace and that there was a time when simplicity and graciousness reigned supreme. Homeowners are giving a nod READ MORE

A Foundation for Good Food

Historical spiels on the buildings in which we dine. You don’t have to head to a museum for a history lesson on the Fox Cities. Instead, plan to take a tour of some of the most interesting bygone buildings while dining out. Whether you’re stopping for a bite while running errands downtown or going out READ MORE

Year After Year

Local holiday rituals stand the test of time. Small or big, public or private, the arms of the Fox Cities’ clock tick to the rhythm of annual holiday traditions, some that are more than half a century old while others barely a baker’s dozen. As this magical time of the year draws near, we’ve highlighted READ MORE

Peeking Behind the Glass

Fox Cities museums keep history & heritage alive. With art museums, historic homes, universities and other institutions offering thousands of displays annually, the Fox Cities area showcases several exhibitions for anyone who wants to see history and heritage in two and three dimensions. “I’d hazard a guess that many people don’t realize how many museums READ MORE