Meet the staff

Ruth Ann Heeter

Ruth Ann Heeter. Photo by Tracy Van Zeeland of M.C. Kinney Photography, Appleton.

Ruth Ann Heeter, Managing Editor & Publisher

What seemed to me to be an undirected career path of advertising agency, radio news, Chamber of Commerce and heavy equipment sales/distributorship turned out to be an excellent background of skills leading to the publishing business. FOX CITIES Magazine affords daily challenges and excitement to my creative side while allowing me to interact with hundreds of people, learning about them, their business and our community.

We’re so blessed with a vibrant community offering a variety of options in the arts and culture, history, sports, shopping and dining. If I can help point out hidden treasures to our readers … then I feel I’ve accomplished a great goal.

I enjoy watching movies, including the various versions of the classic “A Christmas Carol” we watch each holiday season.

Grace Olson, Senior Editor 

Lisa Erickson, Art Director

Kiersten Gustafson, Senior Account Manager

Scott Mikulic, Account Executive

Kim Belling, Administrative Assistant/Circulation