‘Tis the Season!

Drink Up with Holiday-Themed Cocktails

Erick’s Gingerbread + Peppermint Dream

Calavera’s Fine Fusions

Owners Edgar and Bekki Garcia named the festive Erick’s Gingerbread cocktail after one of their sons, one of many on the menu named in honor of a family member.

Creamy and smooth with just a touch of cookie to top it off, the drink is a blend of vanilla, cinnamon and gingerbread liquors mixed with half and half. It’s then poured over a cookie-rimmed martini glass, and topped off with an actual gingerbread cookie! (Lactose-free options available upon request.) Also on the holiday menu is a refreshing and bright Peppermint Dream.

“With the changing of the seasons, we like to add featured drinks such as holiday, summer sippers, etc. to put a twist on the everyday cocktails,” they say.


The Dark Disciple + Slambo Spritz


​​Slambo Spritz: Prosecco, Montenegro, Ramazzotti Rosato and Pink Peppercorn.

“It’s a perfect drink for this time of year because it has a light body, but still has wonderful bold winter flavors,” Owner Corbin Scheidermayer says.

Bourbon, Averna Amaro, Vanilla Bean and Black Walnut Bitters meet to create The Dark Disciple, the moody cocktail a great example of the bar’s experimental style.

“Ambassador has always strived to create cocktails that are expressive of the seasons. We love experimenting with different ingredients that add a specific depth of flavor, but also maintain that classic and traditional stylistic. We’re always trying to push the envelope in our own ways and provide a unique experience for everyone.”


Praline Old Fashioned + Dirty Snowman

Draft Gastropub

The Praline Old Fashioned has a warm, brown sugared, candied pecan taste that feels smooth on the tongue. It incorporates the tradition of nuts for the holiday. The main components include a Pecan Whiskey, brown sugar syrup and Draft’s house bitters. 
Dirty Snowman features the classic holiday drink, eggnog, with hints of white chocolate, peppermint and vanilla. The cocktail will have a chocolate drizzled glass and will be topped with whipped cream and mint candy. “We like to change the menu to feature the flavor profiles of the season and/or holiday. It also allows us to be creative with fresh seasonal ingredients,” Madison Kent, Bar Lead, says.

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