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Sauerkraut, a dish made with fermented cabbage, has plenty to offer: few calories, plenty of Vitamin C and other antioxidants, and no fat, cholesterol or gluten. Besides, European meats like Bavarian sausage and pierogi are hardly complete without it, and other cuisines around the world use similar foods, like Korean kimchi. But somehow, kraut is still a polarizing dish.


If sauerkraut is not your favorite food, get ready to change your mind. Saverne Kraut, produced in Appleton, creatively and deliciously mixes up this traditional dish by creating fresh kraut with on-trend flavors. Saverne offers two varieties: artisanal and raw. Artisanal kraut is made in small batches and is delicious either cold or hot, while raw kraut adds an extra-healthy twist by retaining sauerkraut’s natural probiotics. All three are available with flavors of dill and garlic, sriracha, and curtido. Raw kraut also comes in a traditional, mildly sweet Bavarian flavor made with caraway seeds, and the artisanal line offers a craft beer-flavored kraut.


Not only is Saverne Kraut delicious, you can also incorporate it into your diet in unexpected ways. Kraut can be a condiment, eaten on the side, or even the main event of the meal – the ways to eat it go far beyond just Reuben sandwiches. Add kraut to soup or eggs, put it on top of pizza or burgers, or wrap it up in lettuce wraps and egg rolls. You can even add it to brownies and cakes. The kraut adds moisture and a texture like coconut.


Even if kraut wasn’t your favorite food before, the clean ingredient panel, delicious flavors and crunchy texture make Saverne’s Kraut a sure bet. Combine that with the current trends in sour and fermented foods that turned kombucha and Greek yogurt into rock stars, and sauerkraut might just be poised for a comeback. You can buy the kraut in a resealable pouch or in glass jars at Festival Foods stores throughout the Fox Cities.
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