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When it comes to tile, bigger is better. “Tiles in 12×12 are so far gone,” Vanboxel says. “Everything is 12×24 or 16×16 or more unique shapes and sizes.” Oversize hexagons are particularly popular. “A lot of people are used to the classic, small hexagon tile floor, but the past few months the trend has been a 6 to 8-inch hexagon and now it’s getting even larger,” Vanboxel says. Johnson says clients are requesting larger tiles for both aesthetics and practicality. “The larger the tile means less grout and that means less cleaning is required,” she says. This 12×24 wood grain tile offers the warm, rustic look of natural wood planks with the water-resistance of tile. (Shown: Ascot Petrified Wood tile in Musk at Total Floor Covering.)




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