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23rd Annual Golden Fork Awards

Best Sandwich


It’s all made from scratch at All Seasons Coffeehouse, from drinks and eats to its bright energy of a summer street.

Chatter flows through this mom-and-pop business like coffee, as lunch dates rub elbows with solo workers and one-on-one meetings. There is room for everyone – and their budget – here, as owner Liz Stuck explains.

“I just feel like we really have good quality for a good price, and I really wanted to make sure we did that, because I know everybody’s on tight budgets,” she says. “It’s a treat to go out to lunch, and I wanted people to have a nice, hearty sandwich for a good price.”

Known for its coffee and hospitality, the restaurant features a range of soups, sandwiches and salads as well. Customers return “again and again” for its Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich on homemade focaccia bread.

The coffeehouse is a paradox: a close knit establishment dedicated to products made in-house, with the variety and flavor of all the seasons. —LZ

How We Roll: Best Sushi


Godzilla roll at Katsuya

Sushi can quickly make either friends or foes – raw fish seems to be a polarizing food, go figure. But at Katsuya of Japan in downtown Appleton, even the most sushi-skeptical will be baited by the restaurant’s commitment to freshness and flavor. “Katsuya always has the freshest ingredients that I can trust when it comes to anything related to seafood,” says Calvin Klapa of Darboy, who voted for Katsuya, helping the restaurant secure the Golden Fork for Best Sushi. “A hidden gem that is no longer on the menu, but is still the absolute best is the Dancing Nakashima.” This deep fried nakashima roll is available to those who know to ask for it (wink wink). Matt Lind of Appleton advocates for Katsuya’s new style sashimi that features seared tuna topped with mango salsa and citrus sauce. “Katsuya is my favorite place for sushi because the fish is very fresh and top quality,” he says. “Their tuna tataki with mango salsa is incredible. I order it every time I visit.” —ACW

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