Worth Going Out For

Q. What is something you would seldom cook at home and why not? —Mitchell, Little Chute

A. There are a number of foods that I very seldom cook at home. At the top of this list is fried foods. I have several reasons for this, including the fact that I do not own a deep fryer and I don’t like imparting the airborne smell of fried foods into my home. Don’t get me wrong—I will be the first to admit that I enjoy fried foods (unlike those who refuse to admit it)—I just don’t like frying them in my home. Other items I seldom cook at home are certain types of seafood. I love seafood and order it at almost every opportunity, and while we cook a lot of salmon, tuna and shrimp, other items like crab legs, lobster, scallops and fish fries I prefer to eat out. The other item I don’t cook at home very often is Asian cuisine. I love Asian cuisine, and although we make a lot of stir fries and I have a bamboo steamer for making bao buns and potstickers, Asian cuisine is something I usually go out for. Conversely, ask me sometime what foods I seldom go out for…

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