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The Perfect Omelet

Q. I have heard that being able to cook a classic omelet is Culinary 101. I still struggle with it. What is your recipe for success? – Tony, Little Chute

A. Omelets basically can be prepared one of two ways: either with the signature ingredients in with the scrambled eggs or the ingredients folded inside the eggs like a pita sandwich. Neither way is wrong, but rather just a matter of personal preference. When folding the ingredients inside of the scrambled egg, it is important to heat the ingredients first because the heat of the scrambled egg is usually not enough to thoroughly heat the filling even though it is probably hot enough to melt a little cheese. Another reason to precook vegetable ingredients such as mushrooms, peppers and onions is to remove some of their moisture that could make an omelet weepy. The biggest piece of omelet advice I can share is to significantly whip your scrambled eggs to incorporate as much air into them as possible. The air trapped inside the scrambled eggs will help create a much lighter and fluffier omelet. Some people use a fork or wire whisk to incorporate more air and others take it one step further and use an electric blender.

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