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Salt in the Wound

Q. I add salt and pepper to the dish as I’m cooking. My husband doesn’t, allowing each person to season for themselves. He thinks it tastes the same either way, but I don’t agree. What do you say? – Susan, Kaukauna

A. Danger, Will Robinson, danger. Why am I stepping into the middle of THIS one?

Well, here goes. If the end result is the same whether you add salt and pepper or you don’t, it would seem to me that you probably aren’t adding much of either. If adding ANY ingredient does not have an impact on the final product, it’s a fair question to ask, “Why bother?” I ask that question often when I see a recipe with numerous ingredients, many of which are in minute quantities. I can understand if the ingredient is very strong, very pungent or has the capability to overtake the profile of a dish, but otherwise “What’s the point?”

As far as seasoning goes, I believe the preparer of the meal should season the food for the tastes and preferences of the guests. To that end, I try to season my foods adequately so that, according to my palate, they need no further seasoning. Now if one of my guests asks for salt, I definitely don’t get bent out of shape about it. It just happens to be that he or she prefers more salt than I chose to use.

Sorry hubby, but I’m going to side with Susan on this one. Try not to hold it against me!

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