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Panko vs Regular Breadcrumbs

Q. What is the difference between Panko and regular breadcrumbs? Is one better than the other and can they be used interchangeably? – Hannah, Appleton

A. Panko crumbs are breadcrumbs that are larger and coarser than standard breadcrumbs which tend to be finer. Panko crumbs are prepared using only the inside white part of the bread. Since no outside crusts are used, they are much whiter than traditional breadcrumbs that are made by grinding all of the bread including the crusts. For these reasons, Panko crumbs tend to be more expensive than traditionally prepared breadcrumbs. Panko crumbs are usually used when a crispier, crunchier coating is desired on the product being made. In essence, Panko crumbs and traditional breadcrumbs can be used interchangeably, but the results will be noticeably different. I keep both Panko crumbs and traditional breadcrumbs at home so I have a choice when I am cooking. For example, I use Panko crumbs on my baked coconut shrimp recipe to give them a nice crispy coating. I oven-bake my Scotch eggs, and because of this I prefer to use Panko crumbs to provide a little more crunch on the crust. If I need breadcrumbs to help bind a crab cake, I would use traditional breadcrumbs. 

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