Misty Nagan

Misty Nagan

Art medium(s): Vintage silverware

How do you describe your art? Upcycling vintage silverware into wearable art, as a third generation silverware artist!

Were you always interested in following in your mother and grandmother’s footsteps? Oh gosh, no, I never was interested, lol. The first time my grandmother showed me her jewelry I thought it was kind of dumb!

What does your “day-in-the-life” as an artist look like? My days typically revolve around my high school boys! I usually plan by the week, depending on upcoming events! But I’m almost always in the studio, sharing my work on social media and what I like to call fulfillment, or packing up orders!

How/where do you gather vintage silverware? I’m crazy blessed to have a few silverware “buyers” for me! When they collect a few hundred, we will meet up!

Where do you get your creative inspiration? I get inspiration from everywhere! Current trends, using scrap pieces, or just when the silverware talks to me, based on its design. And I can’t forget the ideas my customers bring to me!

Why do you love what you do? I love what I do because it’s a perfect outlet for my creative side, and to take my art onto the social media platforms. It also gives me freedom to work from home, and work as much or little as I want.

What is your personal favorite piece to date? I have a spoon ring from a gorgeous vintage silverware handle that I can’t give up, and my very first leather cuff I made have special places in my heart.

Have you faced any challenges as an artist? COVID was definitely a big challenge for me as an artist as my main source of income is from events. Also, working with silverware limits the smaller items that I can create, as it’s a pretty heavy medium.

Favorite fellow artist: Topher Kearby, his words speak to my heart.

What’s next for SilverWear by Misty? Next for SilverWear by Misty is more travel! I’m headed to Kansas and Arizona this month.

Early bird or night owl? I’ve always been a night owl, but have been transitioning to an early bird. I love to get up early, gratitude journal and meditate, so I can start the day off grounded.

Music/podcasts while working or silence? I typically listen to Hip Hop! I have some podcasts I listen to, but usually am multitasking in the studio and can’t focus (or it’s too loud).

What makes you sad: When people are unkind.

What makes you happiest: Being with my children makes me the happiest!! Being active outdoors, traveling and good food are also things I enjoy! I also love to inspire others!

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