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Katie Meznarich

Fox Cities resident and self-taught jewelry maker Katie Meznarich gets her motivation from how people react when they see her unique pieces created out of designer wallpaper.

“People always say ‘Well, that’s different.’ That’s the reaction I want. There’s a lot of jewelry, but I want people to have something… where they say ‘This is different, this is wallpaper,’” she says.

Meznarich chose the medium of designer wallpaper because she believed that it was already art on the wall, and she wanted to repurpose that art and bring its beauty to people as wearable pieces.

New wallpaper for Meznarich’s pieces are selected from samples or extras from designers she works with through her husband, who does interior finishes. Not all wallpapers are created equal though, and every strip she uses has to pass her durability, rip and water tests.

As a self-taught artist, much of Meznarich’s skill set was built up through trial and error. She often makes pieces for family and friends to get feedback and to ensure that the pieces she is making are quality and durable. She has also attended art shows and spoken with other artists to learn tips from them, all so she could participate in the field she loves.

“I’ve had an appreciation for art my whole life. I always want to have art in my life, and I just love art so much. I like the artistic culture and I wanted to be a part of that,” she says.

Meznarich loves to see the joy that people get when they discover her unique wallpaper art pieces and hopes that she is able to give the same support and motivation to others that she has been receiving.

“Any bit of joy, or positive feeling, or happiness that a person has because of something that I made is motivation. I think we need that positiveness, and if I can bring that to someone, that’s great,” she says.

Meznarich can be found on Instagram and Facebook at @cloudyskiesdesign and She will be at The Little Farmer on September 17-18 and Stonewood Village on September 24.

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