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Karis Fiedler

Art medium(s): Nail Acrylic and Gel Polish

How do you describe your nail art? I would describe my nail art, in its essence, as wearable art. For the majority of my life I have painted on canvas, and I have translated my artwork onto a smaller canvas that is accessible to more people. It is artwork that people are able to enjoy throughout their day by simply looking at their hands.

Were you always interested in following a creative path? I have always enjoyed art and more creative outlets, but I actually graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a degree in biology with an emphasis in healthcare.

Why do you love what you do? Not only do I get to create something beautiful every day, but I get to see how my work can make people feel. I love seeing people walk away feeling happy and beautiful because we got to create something together. My work is both a creative outlet as well as a way to connect with people.

What is your personal favorite design to date? My personal favorite set will forever be the safari animals I painted. They are on a mannequin hand, which is great because I can keep the artwork with me.

Have you faced any challenges as a nail artist? I believe a lot of the challenges stem from me being my own worst critic. From pushing myself to better my skill, I would get frustrated that my work didn’t look like the pictures I would see of other nail artists on Instagram. But I would remind myself that we all start from somewhere and practice makes perfect… growth is a constant progression. I want to always keep learning and growing and getting better.

One thing most people don’t know about nail art: It is very precise work, and you are working directly on the client. Someone is watching you the whole time you are working, which is a fun dynamic, but at the back of your mind… you’re hoping they are liking what you are doing. Another unique aspect is (that) the art isn’t meant to last… it’s fun and lighthearted art.

Early bird or night owl? 100% night owl. Waking up is hard for me. Staying up late is way too easy.

Music/podcasts while working or silence? Neither. I’m a classy lady. I prefer reality TV in the background.

Dog or cat person? Definitely a cat person.

Is the glass half full or half empty? I think overall I have a positive outlook on things, so I would say half full. But if we are talking about an actual glass of something like water, I would say half empty because man do I love water! I would be sad that it was already half gone.

What makes you happiest: Spending time with my fiance and being able to work on things that I love to do, both in my profession as well as in my free time.

Find Karis on Instagram @nailsbykarisfiedler and Nails by Karis Fiedler on Facebook.

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