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How do you describe your music? I would describe my music as heartfelt Alternative Pop.

How long have you been a musician? Do you play instruments as well as sing? I have been pursuing music full time for about two years! I first started making music about 4 years ago when I first picked up the guitar. I play the guitar and sing!

Were you always interested in following a creative path? I always knew even from when I was a little Kid that I was going to pursue a creative path in life. I was always making art and using my brain in a creative way and in my soul I knew I had to find a career path that aligned with that. I never really knew exactly what I wanted to pursue until my junior year of highschool when I realized that Music was the thing that truly fulfilled me and that I needed to find a way to pursue this full time.

What does your “day-in-the-life” as a musician look like? My day in the life as a musician is great. Every day I make sure I am finding time to exercise my creativity. I enjoy waking up, making a nice breakfast and spending most of my morning in meditation. Making sure I am doing things that are keeping my mind healthy so I can keep a consistent flow of positive creative energy coming out of me everyday. The rest of my day consists of planning new projects and booking future shows! For example, we have been working on a new music video for my new single “college Ave” That just recently came out!

Where do you get your creative inspiration for songwriting? My inspiration for my songs comes from simply living and enjoying life. Making sure that I am present in each moment so that I am able to draw inspiration from these experiences that I am having. My songs come from feelings and events that occur in my life. It is my way of expressing myself and experiences through art.

Why “College Avenue”? I wrote “College Ave” About simply drive down the ave and having a good time. In highschool when I would have nothing else going on and wanted to clear my head I would get in the car and drive down the ave. I wanted to have a song that could represent my hometown and something that was special to me inside of it. College Ave is also special to me because of the Mile Of Music festival. I have so many great memories from spending time down there and also playing some of my favorite shows I’ve ever done on this road.

Why do you love what you do? I love what I do because I know it is what I’m happiest doing. It fulfills my soul and I know that I will never have doubts about what career I choose because it really choose me. Everyday I get to explore new opportunities with my music. And when I think about what the future has to hold it truly does excite me.

Have you faced any challenges as a musician? Some challenges I face as a musician are trying to make sure I am able to find inspiration for new songs. Writer’s Block is a real struggle but It’s always a good challenge to step outside of the box and try to find new things that might inspire me.

One thing most people don’t know about being a musician: One thing someone might not know about being a musician is the amount of behind the scenes work that goes into making this a career. Making sure that I am booking shows, Planning for content and also making sure my head is screwed on straight so I can constantly move forward to keep pursuing music is what takes up the majority of my time.

Early bird or night owl? I would say I am definitely a night owl. I enjoy getting a good start to my day but at night is when I am able to really exercise my creativity and feel my fullest.

Dog or cat person? I am a cat Person 100 percent. I have a fluffy white cat named rocko and he is my favorite thing there ever was.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Glass half full. If it is half full it is halfway to being actually full. If it is half empty then it’s halfway to empty. I feel like I’m always trying to look at the brighter side of things. 🙂

What makes you happiest: What makes me the happiest is surrounding myself with things that supply constant good energy into my life. My family, close friends and creating my art is what truly fulfills my soul.

Find Kal on Instagram @kalschimmers, on Facebook @Kalschimmersmusic and on Spotify and Apple Music as Kal Schimmers.

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