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Grilling your favorite catch

Q. What are your favorite ways to prepare fish, particularly salmon? — Aria, Menasha

A. Aria, I would eat fish every single day if it were available. My favorite way to prepare fish, hands down, is to grill it. The way I usually grill a fatty fish like salmon is to get my grill very hot. What I mean by that, is to get the grill grates hot enough that they will make nice sear marks on the fish. I season the fish with my favorite seasoning or a seasoning I’d like to try out, and then I spray the fish generously with pan spray. I like to use canola oil for pan spray because it gives the non-stick effectiveness I am looking for and imparts a very neutral flavor.

Then, I take the fish out to the grill and place it directly on the grill grates. It should give a nice sizzling sound as the oiled fish hits the hot grates. I let the salmon cook for about 2-3 minutes, depending on the heat of the grill and the thickness of the salmon, just long enough to put some nice marks on it.

Next, with the use of a spatula, I’ll lift the fish and flip it over onto a cooler spot on the grill to let it finish cooking. I try really hard not to overcook the fish so it doesn’t dry out. A center that is slightly underdone is just perfect for me, but you can cook it a little longer if you like.

Happy grilling, Aria!

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