Fish Fry Switch Up

“My family loves Friday Fish Frys at home. We’re looking for a new recipe for breading and seasoning. What’s your favorite? —Charlie, Hortonville

A. Friday Fish Frys, whether in our favorite restaurants and taverns or at home, are a Wisconsin staple. The debate usually involves the preference of breaded or battered fish. Both can be absolutely delicious if executed correctly. Breading typically consists of a layer of seasoned flour (all-purpose flour, seasoned salt and black pepper), an egg wash of some sort (eggs and water, milk or beer), and a breading layer usually comprised of fine bread crumbs that could be seasoned or not. Sometimes a little grated (not shredded) Parmesan cheese is added to breading mixes as a flavorful option. Panko crumbs are larger and coarser than regular bread crumbs and can provide extra crunch for those who enjoy it. Battering also starts with a layer of seasoned flour that helps the batter adhere to the fish. Batters usually consist of flour, eggs, milk (or beer), baking powder, salt and seasonings. Caution should be taken to keep batters thin since as floured pieces of fish are dipped into the batter, the thicker it will become. Most people do not enjoy thick, greasy batter.

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