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Favorite International Cuisine

Q. What’s the best authentic international food you’ve tried and why? — Wendy, Appleton

A. Wendy, I hope you don’t mind if I take a little creative liberty in answering your question today. The quick and simple answer to your question is Asian cuisine. I love all types of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Indian and almost anything I’ve ever eaten that is of Asian influence.

A more detailed response takes me back to doing my college internship. I was invited by a chef with whom I used to work who had since relocated to Australia to work with him during the summer of 1988. I utilized this international experience to fulfill my internship obligation by working at the Grosvenor Hotel in Adelaide, South Australia. Now Australia, at least back in 1988, was very similar to America when it came to cuisine and culture: a very diverse melting pot.  Although Australian food seemed to have strong French influences, it was obvious that there were many different flavor profiles in the restaurant and dining scene.

On my first day on the job, the chef gave me one condition: I had to try everything. And I did. For the most part, the list was absolutely wonderful including exotic delicacies like kangaroo, ostrich, emu, several varieties of lamb and many local fish. However, the item that still ranks as the worst thing I have ever eaten was lambs brains. To prepare, we poached the little lobes, peeled off the membranes and rolled them in crumbs. Then we flash-fried them and served them with a plum chutney. OMG [sic]. I’m not sure what was worse – the taste or the texture! Thankfully the chutney was very good!

That said, I’ll take some good Asian food any time! Thanks for your question, Wendy!

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