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Does glass shape affect taste?

pexels-photo-66636Q. Does the shape of a wine or beer glass really affect the way a beverage tastes? – Brad, Appleton

A. Now this question required me to do an extensive amount of research…just kidding! To answer the question, yes, I believe that the shape of the glass has a definite impact on the level of satisfaction for the consumer. Over the course of history, glassware has taken their unique shapes to suit each beverage being served. For example, red wine glasses and snifters are rounded goblets to allow the consumer to swirl the beverage so it can aromatize and allow the sense of smell to play a significant role in the consumptive experience. Champagne flutes are tall and cylindrical to minimize the escape of the effervescence of the champagne, while champagne glasses for toasting are wide and flat for an efficient sip after the toast. White wine glasses have long stems to allow the consumer to keep the heat of the hand away from the cool beverage. Beer mugs are thick and sturdy, serving as insulators to keep the beer cold for as long as possible. And margarita glasses…well, you get the point. Brad, I suggest you conduct your own extensive research on this topic and see what kind of results you get!

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