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David Gauthier

David Gauthier is a self-taught artist who specializes in airbrush paintings, body painting and special effects makeup. Born and raised in Neenah, Gauthier recognized his love for art at a young age and from there his talents blossomed. His full-time career is in management, but he does artwork and commissions as a side job and hobby. 

Gauthier says the inspiration for his artwork comes from everyday life. “I’ll see something, it might be a plant or a picture of something, and it’ll call to me and I’ll want to take that picture of something and put my own spin on it to see how I can apply that to the human form,” he says. 

Although he is talented in many other mediums, airbrush painting is Gauthier’s art form of choice because he taught himself how to work with it. He transitioned from airbrush painting to airbrush makeup in 2005 after landing a job at a local haunted house doing special effects makeup for the employees. Gauthier has worked with dozens of models and photographers to bring his art to life. Gauthier was even chosen to audition as a contestant on the Game Show Network television show “Skin Wars” before the show was canceled. 

Gauthier says he enjoys body painting on models because each time he learns something new from the experience, either from the model or from the session, that he can apply towards his everyday life. 

Gauthier’s art has been recognized internationally after it was published in On the Rise International, a European art magazine. Someday he hopes to gain enough exposure to be asked to travel for his work. However, Gauthier notes that his artwork is a hobby he enjoys and wants to keep it that way. “The day it becomes a chore, it is no longer fun,” he says. 

See Gauthier’s work in person at FOX CITIES Magazine’s booth in Houdini Plaza during Art on the Town on August 16 from 5-8 p.m. He will be doing a live body painting demonstration, weather permitting. 

To learn more about Gauthier and see more of his artwork, visit 

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