Beer Can Chicken

I want to attempt Beer Can Chicken on the grill, something I’ve never done. Do you have tips on how to do it and any rubs you would recommend? —Terilisha, Appleton

Beer Can Chicken (previously called “Beer in the Rear” Chicken) has been around for many years and is relatively easy to prepare. To begin, set up your grill to cook indirectly at 300° F. Then take your empty 12-ounce beverage can, fill it halfway with water and place it gently up the bottom or leg side of the whole, uncut chicken. The reason beer or other seasoned liquid is unnecessary is because it will never get hot enough to produce steam inside the chicken as once believed. For best results, your can should be placed in some type of holder to keep the bird from falling over during the cooking process. Rub the chicken generously (and I mean very generously) with a basic rub. There are several excellent ones on the market but I am partial to (shameless plug coming) award-winning Sweet Mama Original marketed by Kick Ash Basket (which just so happens to be my recipe). Roast your chicken indirectly for 90 minutes, being sure the chicken reaches 165° F internal temperature. It should come out beautiful on the outside and juicy on the inside.


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