Largest Old-Fashioned Ever? Kerrigan Aims for World Record

To celebrate the start of Saint Patrick’s Day season, Kerrigan Brothers winery in Freedom might end up in next year’s Guinness World Records in the most Wisconsin way imaginable.

They’re going to mix the world’s largest old-fashioned cocktail.

The Fox Valley will watch Kerrigan mix together the massive state-beloved concoction tomorrow as WFRV Local 5 broadcasts the big moment tomorrow from 9 to 10 a.m.

Kerrigan’s old-fashioned is a generous mixture of brandy, soda and wine, along with an old-fashioned mix from Gary’s Premium Cocktails, owner Troy Landwehr says.

“We’ll do about 130 gallons of soda, 150 gallons of wine, and 17 gallons of brandy,” Landwehr says. “I found a 320-gallon [container] we’re going to be using on Friday.”

After the mixing on Friday, Landwehr plans to make Saturday the day of celebration. They’ll be selling the old-fashioned in commemorative growlers that say “I Drank Part of The World’s Largest Old Fashioned Cocktail!” along with some other attractions on the Kerrigan grounds.

“We’ll be here mixing up kettle corn and a whole bunch of other popcorn treats for people to buy that day,” Landwehr says. “We’re trying to snag a food truck or get someone interested to come out and do food that day. And you can come and enjoy an old-fashioned and sit on the porch.”

Mixing a ginormous old-fashioned is Landwehr’s way of kicking off Saint Patrick’s Day spirits.

“It’s finally nice out,” Landwehr says. “So people want to get out there looking for things to do, and it’s just something kitschy and fun that can be like, hey, let’s go out and grab a growler and make a day of it.”

Landwehr got the idea after looking through the Guinness books and seeing a startling omission.

“They had all different subcategories of largest drink this, largest drink that,” Landwehr says. “I really didn’t see an old-fashioned in there. So we’re going to fill out all the forms and submit it, and we’ll see whether or not we get in the book.”

Kerrigan Brothers will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.

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