Songs for a New (Virtual) World

Vintage Theatre, a Fox Cities-based nonprofit theater company, will present the musical “Songs for a New World” this spring. 

The performance will be filmed and made available as a video feature from March 24 through 31. Viewers will be able to purchase tickets anytime during the run dates and can enjoy the performance from the comfort and safety of their own home.  

The show is a song-cycle musical written by Jason Robert Brown and it examines moments in time where people find themselves on the edge of something unknown. Four actors will portray a variety of characters experiencing life events such as second marriages, career aspirations and everyday choices that can shape their futures. 

Vintage Theatre typically hosts live in-person performances, but due to the pandemic, has chosen to present this show virtually. Director Michael Laskowski says now is the perfect time to present this specific show because its themes are a reflection of the current public health situation.  

“The pandemic has affected everyone and so many of us found ourselves in a great state of unknown, wondering ‘What do I do now, what will happen, will everything be ok?’” he says. 

“Songs for a New World” highlights the theme that while the future is uncertain, it can be exciting, joyful and terrifying all at the same time.

Follow Vintage Theatre on Facebook for more information. For tickets, click here. 

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