Unique Homes: Submissions Needed

We are now about seven months into the Covid-19 pandemic, and there is one place that the majority of people feel the safest retreating to: their homes. For many, this has been a great time to freshen up, declutter or even re-decorate while we wait for life to go back to normal (I’ve repainted two rooms and have paint samples at this very moment for a third). 

My half-bath/laundry room – The sequined curtain is one of my favorite thrift store finds!

Even in regular times, your home should be your sanctuary and your place of truest expression. It’s where we make meals, relax after a long day, spend time with family, pursue hobbies, and really be ourselves. How you make your place a home says a lot about your personality and priorities.

Bathroom of Tom and Allison Mischler of Kaukauna – Tom has painted the entire house with nature scenes.

While being in our own homes can be very soothing, it can be quite invigorating to virtually step inside the home of a stranger and see their personality take a physical form. Perhaps they proudly display an unusual collection, prominently feature a favorite color, or use antique furniture from a specific era. No matter what it is, it’s beautiful and unique to them. This individuality is something to be prized and celebrated in our community.

Chateau Gruyeres; Gruyeres, Switzerland – How do I find a mirror like this for my house?

I am on the hunt for really interesting homes of the Fox Cities. I’m not looking for the biggest or most expensive houses. Rather, I’m looking for cozy apartments, eclectic kitchens, old houses made new, and anything that’s just so YOU, it could never be anybody else. Perfectly imperfect is what I’m after. I want to celebrate our interior design diversity, and the unique people who live in the Valley. 

Brekke Garde; Flam, Norway – A cozy place to read and relax.

If you or someone you know has a unique home in the Fox Valley area, please nominate it by emailing me at [email protected]. Include a few pictures or a description of the space and why it’s special. I hope to interview and photograph 4-5 homes for the blog series.

A corner of my small living room – Long taper candles practically jump into my shopping cart every time I see them!

It is really incredible what various styles different people are drawn to. Homes are decorated for the people who live in them, and it can be such a personal expression. That’s what makes interior design amazing! I look forward to showcasing the artistic interior diversity we have right here in the Fox Cities, but I need your nominations! Help me give our creative residents the distinction they deserve!

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