Unique Homes: A Boho Apartment in an Old Bank

This is the first post in the Unique Homes Series, introduced in this blog post.

Rose Hardee and her husky mix, Virginia, live in an old bank building in Oshkosh. The apartment’s water closet is separate from the shower room and has two doors, the windows and ceilings are enormously tall, and the closet is the old safe. It is a very special building in a great location near shops, the farmers market and live performances.

The former safe, now used as the apartment’s closet.

To sum up, there is a lot of interest to living here. However, as is with most rentals, painting walls and any kind of permanent changes are forbidden, so Hardee has had to put her personal stamp onto the place in other ways.

Hardee describes her style as eclectic, boho and minimalist. She likes “a mix of modern and vintage,” as well as “plants, wood, metal and earthy tones.” She has filled her space with nods to music and art, using found items and also making her own, including several paintings.

She is most proud of her record collection and the paintings she made. Plentiful books, musical instruments and lots of plants also capture the bohemian spirit.

When asked what visitors say, Hardee says her mom often tells her, “You can take the smallest apartment and make it look like some beautiful New York apartment.” It’s a true statement; there is a very upscale city vibe to the rooms, and yet they are very cozy and welcoming.

Hardee’s dog Virginia also loves living here. “She pokes her head out the window every day and looks at all the other dogs,” Hardee says.

When pushed to answer if there’s anything she’d change, Hardee had the answer that most of us have – that it could be bigger. She immediately followed that by saying that the tall ceilings help it not to feel cramped at all, and that it’s quiet, nice, and really a great place to live. Looking at the space, it’s easy to agree.

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