Grilling Roundup

It might not feel like it, but grilling season is right around the corner. We all know it. When the temperature tips 50, it’s not uncommon for the aroma of charcoal and barbecue to waft through your neighborhood. Freshen up your grill skills with our roundup featuring the top tips from our resident culinary expert, Chef Jeff, the chair of the Culinary Arts & Hospitality Department at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton.

First, a grilling overview.

Breaking down the difference between broiling, grilling and barbecuing.

Grilling the perfect kabob.

How to grill a pizza.

Achieving a beautifully charred, grilled green salad.

The proper method for grilling fish.

The heavenly treat that is grilled fruit.

Have a hot grilling tip? Leave a comment below! Burning grilling questions? Send them to Chef Jeff!

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