Intern Intro: Alisa

Name: Alisa Lewis 

Age: 20

Hometown: Verona, WI

School attending: St. Norbert College 2022

Tell us about your background: I am finishing up my sophomore year at St. Norbert College, where I am majoring in English and Psychology while also pursuing a minor in German Language. Originally from Madison, I was a dancer for most of my life, but chose to focus on school, volunteering and sorority life in college. I am passionate about being active in the outdoors, baking (I make a mean chocolate chip cookie!) and being involved on campus. I also currently write for the Honors Pulse, an honors magazine at the college.  

Why did you want to be an intern at FCM? I had heard about this opportunity from a wonderful sorority sister, and immediately jumped on it! The environment at FCM seems to be the perfect place to hone my writing skills and gain experience. I am excited to learn more about FCM and their field of work to help me determine potential careers. 

What’s your favorite thing about the Fox Cities? Being new to the area, I never knew how much the Fox Cities had to offer, but I am enthralled by how many exciting events and opportunities this community holds!

The last book you read: Other than an intense stack of old literature and German textbooks, I last read “Still Life” by Louise Penny. 

Last movie you watched: I must admit I adore Hallmark movies, and the latest one was “Picture Perfect Mystery.” 

Any hidden talents? No legitimate talents, but I’m known for the sheer amount of earrings I manage to lose. Not even kidding, it’s about one a month. 

What can’t you live without? Coffee, all the coffee. And French vanilla creamer of course. 

What’s the biggest risk you ever took? This year I chopped 11 inches of my hair off to donate. I’ve always had incredibly long hair, so I was absolutely terrified to see what it would look like!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? A professor once told me “This is your life. Do what you love and do it often.” 

Describe your perfect Saturday: A beautiful, sunny Saturday morning spent at the farmers market in Downtown Madison and a boat ride on Lake Mendota.  

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog series from Alisa about the effects of coronavirus on education! In the meantime, follow her on Instagram @alissaa.lewis

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