Beat the Blues: Things you didn’t know were right in your own backyard

Sometimes it can feel as though you are constantly rotating the same handful of cold weather activity ideas. Should we go to the movies? Want to go bowling? We could walk around the mall? Here are a couple ideas to break the boring idea cycle and really mix up your winter routine, if you’re up for it, that is. 

The first place that I think we’ve all secretly always dreamed of is “The Breaking Point.”  This is a therapy session like no other. The idea is, you show up for an allotted amount of time, either use the items they have, or bring your own.

Either just you, or you and up to five other people can reserve a room and just break things. You can finally throw the plates against the wall, you can listen to music if you really want to release all that pent up anger. Otherwise on the friendlier side of things, kids over 6 can get a “paint splatter” room. Located at 508 W Wisconsin Ave C. in Appleton, this absolutely must be at the top of your next bucket list. 

If you are into throwing, you could also check out Blades & Boards. Maybe you didn’t air out enough of your grievances at The Breaking Point. Lucky for you, there is a local business that lets people just like you throw an axe at a target board. If you head over to 2283 WI-44, Oshkosh, you can do just that. For those who are 16 years and older, an hour of throwing time costs $20. Those who are under 10 years of age can throw for free (with paying adult). You’re sure to have an AXE-cellent time at Blades & Boards. 

Finally, if you really feel a need to avoid reality or maybe aggressive activities such as smashing things or throwing axes isn’t for you, Edge VR Arcade might just be the answer. This is a gamer’s paradise. With a variety of gaming equipment, VR spaces, food, and drinks. This is a great way to get a pal or an entire group of friends together for a Friday night out. There are three categories of games you can choose from, casual, experimental and intense. Casual games are ones that are considered easy to pick-up and are good for first-time VR players. Experimental games allow you to explore and learn. Finally, intense games are as you’d imagine…intense. These games let the player be a first-person shooter, a warrior, or drive. You can get 20 minutes of game time for $20, but be sure to reserve your spot ahead of time by going to the website. Edge VR Arcade will bring a regular pizza and gaming night to the next level.

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