Art City: an introduction

With summer winding down to the last month, it might seem like the time for fun activities is over. It’s time to get into school spirit and prepare for the cold months to come. However, there are plenty of great local places to visit to keep the fun alive until the last second of summer.

This short blog series will highlight some of the best art museums and galleries in the Fox Cities area to get lost in. I will also be reaching out to some of the local artists who have worked displayed in shops so that they are able to express, personally, some of their ideas and creations. 

For me, art museums and galleries have always been a place of wonder and knowledge. Art is not only a form of self expression, but self reflection as well. The ability to interpret an artist’s work for yourself is what makes it so interesting. No two people see the exact same thing.

“Manzanar: The Wartime Photographs of Ansel Adams” opens at The Trout Museum of Art on Sep. 7.

Public displays of creativity became very interesting to me when I started middle school. I attended Walden III Middle and High School in Racine, Wisconsin. My school was slightly different than your average school. They encouraged us to express ourselves all over the school, literally. We were allowed to paint and customize our own lockers. Teachers would take ceiling tiles from their room and give them to students to draw on. We painted our parking lot, we painted the intersection by the school, we expressed ourselves in any way in which we were allowed. This freedom to explore myself made me the person I am today, and that is why I appreciate art so much.

I am more of a writer than a painter, but in a sense it is the exact same thing. One uses words to tell a story. The other uses images and objects. 

“Reflecting Perspectives: Artists confront issues of diversity and inclusion” is on view until Sep. 22 at The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass.

Personally, I feel like “art” is a broad and generalized term, because art can mean absolutely anything. It no longer only refers to oil paintings on canvas. 

Visiting local art museums and galleries is a great way to spend time with friends and family as well as prepare your brain for the upcoming semester, if you happen to be a student. Art galleries offer a wide array of one of a kind pieces that you could purchase to add some customized character to your living space.

The Fox Cities are flowing with creativity wherever you look. There are numerous galleries and museums to choose from, each with a special exhibit or display meant to teach or inform.

Where is your favorite place in the Fox Cities to see art? Leave a comment below!

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