Sequential Killers: The Victorian Terror

Hearthstone Historic House Museum in Appleton is hosting a not-so-typical haunted house every Friday in October, with continuous one-hour presentations from 6 to 9 p.m. Haunted Hearthstone will provide a theatrical glimpse into the 19th century beginnings of serial murder investigations. 

Performances will feature notorious murderers Jack the Ripper, H.H. Holmes, Sweeney Todd, The Bloody Benders and Mary Ann Cotton as well as the chance to see through the eyes of the victims, detectives and perpetrators who stalked them. 

Tour the Hearthstone and see the story of a different serial killer unfold in each room. The house will be decorated for mourning during the Victorian era to really bring these stories alive.

Thomas Weiland, development director of Hearthstone Historic Museum says, “I think it has a lot of interesting information about the era and the killers. People can enjoy it from a scary yet educational standpoint since these characters actually existed and did the things depicted in this presentation.”

This is a sophisticated, adult-oriented event suitable for ages 12 and up; an alternative to the traditional (blood-and-gore-jump-out-at-you) haunted house. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at

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