Uncovering the Artist in You: Introduction

Have you ever wanted to try something artistic, but art isn’t exactly your calling?

Art is a very important part of how we express ourselves. Art isn’t one-dimensional; there is a whole lot of artistic exploring to do. In my opinion, you don’t need to be an artist to explore artistic expression. It’s about creating something meaningful. Stepping out of your comfort zone by learning a new instrument, how to dance or new drawing techniques can be a little scary at first, but it’s a really good start to finding your fit on the art spectrum.

I think that when most people think of art, they think of pretentious art galleries and confusing pieces that don’t make any sense hanging on the wall. There is so much more to art than a museum. Classes, shows, movement and music are all such significant parts of art too. Maybe one of these other categories is where you can find your fit.

Incorporating art into your everyday life can do wonders. Art provides us with a deeper understanding of our emotions and self-awareness. It also creates ways to communicate whether it be on the basis of politics, religion or self expression.  Many studies show that producing art can improve psychological resiliency and increased brain activity. Dr. Lawrence Katz explains that art enhances problem-solving skills, encourages creative thinking and lets you come up with your own unique solutions.

Art can affect all types of people of all ages; it can better students or provide a better quality of life for seniors. Its main purposes can help relieve stress, encourage creative thinking, boost self-esteem and give a sense of accomplishment. Art makes people feel things whether that be happier or calmer, and can provide inspiration to create original works. You can also meet new people, make new friends, or learn a new skill to impress your date. Without art, our lives would be dull because of its significant role in our world.

Throughout this blog series, I am going to find local artistic outlets throughout the Fox Cities. I will be exploring several art mediums that appeal to different kinds of people, including visual, performing and literary arts. I’ll also be suggesting ways you can try these artistic expressions out for yourself through classes, lessons and events. There are a lot of different options for self-expression through art and it’s my goal to find the one that will work best for you to partake in.

Tell us! What are some of your favorite artistic places you go or things to do in the Fox Cities? What should I put on my list to check out? Leave a comment below. 

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