3 Reasons Why Kayaking the Fox River in Fall is the Absolute Best 


Autumn is a special time for kayaking. September marks the end of summer and the beginning of a new chapter with cool fall weather. We would not want to be anywhere but right here in the Fox River Valley, in good ol’ Wisconsin, for the beautiful autumn show.

While there are countless benefits to kayaking all season, here are three reasons why kayaking the Fox River in fall is the absolute best: 

1. Less crowds, more clothes. 

The seasonal waters offer a quiet and peaceful experience as you witness a palette of colors burst from the woods. Water temperatures are still warm, but after those dog hot summer days it feels refreshing to wear a few layers as you paddle with the flow of the Fox River. 

2. It’s a “leaf peeper’s” paradise. 

Kayaking in autumn colours

The Fox River provides some of the best opportunities for ‘“leaf peeping” pleasures. No need to drive all the way to Maine or New Hampshire as our deep red maple, purple and yellow ash, and dark yellow birch trees can truly compete with wondrous beauty! The process of leaves changing color is a magical thing to witness, but the science behind it is simply interesting. Leaves change color during autumn due to loss of chlorophyll. This process occurs due to the length of daylight and change in temperature. This loss accelerates right before the leaf falls and this gradual process produces the wonderful colors we enjoy before winter. 

3. The skies come alive. 

One of Wisconsin’s best kept secrets is in full swing in autumn as well — as summer begins cooling down, birds across North America instinctively migrate, heading south for a warmer home with more food for the winter. Many bird species travel over the Fox River along their journey. Paddling the same routes as our Native American brothers and pioneering sisters traversed is one spectacular way to enjoy the show nature has in store each fall. 

As the days get shorter, with the sun setting sooner, fall is the last chance to enjoy the soothing breeze and soft sun kisses on the water. 

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