Let It Flow Art Exhibit


THE B-MOVIE by Leif Larson Art, acrylic on canvas

Visual art and original music will collide at Let It Flow, a limited-run art exhibit at Rock Garden Studio in Appleton’s historic Edison Center. From digital art and photography to painting and sculpture, the exhibit will feature works created by more than 25 local artists as well as several visiting pieces from artists in the United Kingdom, France and India.


Jean Detjen, exhibit curator and event organizer, hopes the show will highlight the similarities between musical and visual art, while allowing guests to interact with a variety of artistic expressions.


“Adding visual art to the mix seems a natural fit. It will be a creative outlet to express emotion through the arts in a way that connects people to a common source of shared humanity,” she says.



Work by CJ Matey, an Appleton artist showing at Let it Flow.

The production spaces at Rock Garden Studio will be transformed into an art gallery. It is the perfect venue, Detjen says, because both music and visual art strive to make an emotional connection with viewers.


“When conversation is difficult, it can be cathartic to say things with a song, a painting, a photograph or a poem,” she says. “Providing more opportunities to share these parts of us creates stronger communities.”


The exhibit runs January 13 —20 at Rock Garden Studio in Appleton. Visit the exhibit’s Facebook event page for hours, special performances and updates.


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