Food for the Tummy: Copper Rock Coffee Company


As a Lawrence University student, I know one of the favorite off-campus cafés to grab a bite or get some studying done is Copper Rock Coffee Company. I had never been myself, so I decided to check it out. When first entering Copper Rock, you instantly feel cozy. The warm, rustic colors and smaller size makes this café perfect for anyone looking to relax in comfort. The menu was far more expansive than I was expecting. A huge variety of sandwiches, salads, drinks and desserts appeal to even the pickiest eater’s taste buds.

To get more information about the healthy food choices offered, I talked to Enrique Alamilla, a Copper Rock employee, who introduced me to SmartPlate. “SmartPlate is an easy way to eat healthy,” he explains. “It’s changing two slices of cheese to one or not adding dressing. It’s as simple as substituting your bread choice.”

I was instantly hooked. Many people think eating healthy means having a salad for every meal, but this is false. Healthy eating still means you can have your favorite foods; it is all about portion control and simple substitutions.

The café offers fresh meats, diary and fruit prepared every morning. Alamilla said one of the best sellers in the Turkey Café sandwich. This SmartPlate option has less cheese, no dressing and oven roasted turkey. The Copper Rock menu also offers gluten-free options for sandwiches, desserts and gives soy and almond alternatives to milk. I asked Alamilla about his favorite dish at the café. “I love the Chicken Pesto, but it definitely is not a SmartPlate option.” So whether you are in the mood for a healthy sandwich or some guilty pleasures, Copper Rock in Appleton has it all.

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