Band Together: Participate in Jewelers Mutual $2 Million Donation

JMBand_GeneralAd_All_FacebookFor the record, this is not just some clickbait article where I go on to tell you 15 ways to make $30,000 a day and that number 5 will shock you. No-this is a real, actual opportunity.

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, the only insurer dedicated solely to serving the jewelry industry in the United States and Canada, has been doing pretty well lately, so they decided to give back. In a big way. A $2 million way. But here’s the part where you can get involved: Jewelers Mutual wants you to decide to whom they will give, in a campaign they’re calling “Band Together.” Trina Woldt, vice president and chief marketing officer for Jewelers Mutual, comments: “We took a look at the organizations and causes that we’ve been supporting on a local level, inspired by our employees.” Out of that process, they chose the theme of Health, Home and Hunger and three organizations to benefit (Feeding America/Food Banks of Canada, Habitat for Humanity and St. Jude Children’s Hospital).

Woldt adds that Jewelers Mutual works both with individuals’ personal jewelry and jewelry businesses which creates a unique company culture.

“We get to work in an industry that has a lot of heart,” she says. “We are a culture that really cares about each other.”

Community members can join in that culture by voting for an organization at Every person can vote once a day. As far as how to place your vote, here are a few thoughts.

Maybe your family hit a rough patch, and providing food became a challenge. Maybe housing was a problem during the recession. Maybe a relative is struggling with childhood cancer. Maybe you are dealing with some combination of these right now. Here’s a chance to take action and support others who are dealing with the same struggles as you–consider voting for an organization that supports a cause you can relate to.

Another option is to do exactly the opposite of that. A huge benefit of this campaign is that it gives you a chance to learn about the current issues that some face. If you aren’t familiar with how St. Jude focuses on childhood cancer and never bills families of children being treated there, now’s a chance to learn about it! Or maybe homelessness or food shortages seem far-away and distant issues. Take a few minutes to check out Habitat for Humanity and the two food organizations and the impact they make right here in the Fox Cities. Use this opportunity to reach out to those who are facing struggles totally different than yours.

A third option is to take turns voting for different organizations. After all, whichever organizations do not win won’t be left high and dry. While one million dollars will go to the winning group, second place will receive $700,000 and third place, $300,000. You can split up your votes and rest assured that all three will receive sizable donations.

One last option is to ignore everything I’ve said and vote however you’d like. After all, that’s the best part of this, right? You, sitting at home, at work, on the bus or wherever, can help make a difference, in a way that is up to you. And, as an extra incentive, Jewelers Mutual has been randomly drawing voters to win sets of stacked rings from Stacked New York, and there is one more set that has yet to be given away!

However you choose to vote, don’t wait–the last day of voting is the July 31, and the winning organization will be announced on August 1. For more information, check out the Jewelers Mutual website or Facebook page.

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