Big family, bigger dreams: Intern navigates through the written world

Priscilla Johnston, a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley

Priscilla Johnston, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley, is a new staff intern at FOX CITIES Magazine. She is the youngest of 10 children in her family.

Hello! My name is Priscilla Johnston and I am a new editorial intern at FOX CITIES Magazine. I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce myself to all of you and to give you a little bit of my background history. I’m currently a sophomore and upcoming graduate at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley in Menasha. My studies have all been geared toward communications and writing, since that is where I find two of my loves: people and words. I’ve been a writer since I could spell, or rather, since I began the journey of learning to spell, though I focused more on fictional works than anything else. Even still, I find myself quite content with any writing, 10-page English essays included, though the enthusiasm does waver a little, I will admit.

I’m the youngest of 10 children — seven girls and three boys, which helped draw out the people lover in me. We grew up in a large house, riding horses and bikes (and pretending they were horses), making mud pies and drinking from the hose. Growing up with so many personalities and living in the country really fueled my creative desires, and put me on the path of writing at a very young age.

Priscilla-weddingI was the first of my siblings to attend a public high school and knew from the start that I wanted to attain a degree of some sort that focused on communications, writing and people. During my high school years, I wrote two novels, but as senior year began, the writing had to be put on hold due to school and the two jobs I was holding as a barista at Mud Creek Coffee and a receptionist at Salon-3-Sixty.

After graduating from high school, I spent a month in Europe visiting family in England and a few foreign exchange friends in the Netherlands and Switzerland. It was incredible going and experiencing different cultures, seeing the beautiful landscapes and simply adventuring. I returned home the summer of 2014 with a travel bug which I indulged this last winter break by taking a return trip to Europe.

Priscilla enjoys traveling and has been to England, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Priscilla enjoys traveling and has been to England, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

At UW-Fox Valley, I joined the Fox Journal and started my journey in the news world. I was a journalist and copy editor my first semester before switching to just copy editing second semester and I loved every minute of it. It really helped me grow in several ways and allowed me to get a glimpse into the world in which I now find myself as an editorial intern for FOX CITIES Magazine. I look forward to learning and growing in my own skills, and contributing the ones I already possess to the company.


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