High-flying stunts entertain, amaze at AirVenture


You’ve probably been on YouTube and seen stunt planes flipping, twisting and corkscrewing at high rates of speed. You’ve probably seen people parachuting down from high in the sky, navigating gracefully to land at a precise location on the ground. But what you may have not seen before is a commercial jet. In this case, an Airbus A350 capable of carrying 325 passengers, performing sharp banking turns and earth-shaking passes at speeds that demand the undivided attention of all in attendance.

Stunt-Plane-formationSuch a spectacle took place at AirVenture in Oshkosh on Monday. The stunt planes are amazing, without a doubt, but what was truly remarkable to see was the Airbus A350 rumbling through the air mimicking the actions of much smaller aircraft. It was definitely something to behold. Historic warplanes flew in highly coordinated formations as well, which drew large crowds to the runways. These formations were very precise, admirable for their timing and synchronization up at such high altitudes and traveling so incredibly fast.

If you’ve not yet been to AirVenture or don’t plan on it, reconsider! There is much to be seen and the shows put on will not let you down. These air shows will continue all week. For more information, visit


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