Appleton native makes a splash in and out of the pool this summer

Julia Lammers is a staff intern for the summer with FOX CITIES Magazine.

Julia Lammers is a staff intern for the summer with FOX CITIES Magazine.

Hello! My name is Julia Lammers and I’m enthusiastic about being a summer editorial intern at FOX CITIES Magazine.

If my face looks familiar but you can’t quite place me, I may have taught your child to swim at the Appleton YMCA. The dry hair and lack of swimsuit can be quite the camouflage.

Julia-headshotA little about myself: I am a born and raised Appletonian. I recently graduated from Appleton North High School where I am pretty sure I was known as “The Girl Who Cares Too Much About the School Paper.” Coercing my peers into voting for me so I could win “Best Dressed” was easily the highlight of my secondary education career. Next fall, I will attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I will most likely end up in the communication field, possibly with some Spanish tossed in somewhere. Everything interests me, so narrowing it down will be tough. I’m open to suggestions.

I have two younger siblings, a dog and a rabbit who loves to chew on electrical cords. My family and I are crossing our fingers that Fun-Bun drops the habit soon. We are not a family that goes camping, but that’s something I want to get into. So outdoorsy empty nesters, I am available for adoption for a weekend.

When I am not trying with all my might to make my super curly hair behave, I love to read (“The Catcher in the Rye” is one of my favorites), listen to music (The Black Keys and The National, especially), bake (I’m trying to master French macarons) and cook (I’ve been known to dabble with grilling shrimp). I also love to soak up the sunshine by walking and biking outside and spend time with those near and dear to my heart. Although I’m no maestro, I like to play clarinet and will continue recreationally in college.

In the future, I hope to travel lots, but I’ll first have to get over my homebody tendencies. And, like I said earlier, I really want to go camping someday.

I also can be found cruising the town in my beloved 2009 Subaru Outback, or at the Gap. Because I love that, too.

I’m very excited to start this journey and I hope you’ll keep reading!

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