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The long-awaited Wisconsin summers are short-lived, but they can get hot and muggy. The Fox Cities area has many solutions for those who need a cooling off as public pools, lakes, and beaches can be found throughout the area. You can stay refreshed while enjoying a beautiful day outdoors at any of these nearby facilities.

Erb Swimming Pool is a great place to cool off and enjoy some summer activities. Swimmers can play water basketball, cruise down slides and show off their tricks on the diving boards. “It’s a good environment for kids to play and for the adults to relax,” says Kyle Krause, manager at Erb Pool. “It’s very accommodating to all ages. Everyone’s usually happy.”

There are three heated pools to choose from at Erb Pool, one of which is a baby pool where morning swim lessons are taught. Other classes, such as water aerobics, also are a regular occurrence at Erb Pool as swimmers can stay cool and workout simultaneously. “That runs a couple nights a week and it’s about an hour long,” Krause says. “We play some music for them and they use the pool to work out.”

Just down the road is Mead Pool, where birthday parties are in demand.

The facility features a 20-foot high water slide and many out-of-the-pool activities, such as sand volleyball. Birthday parties can be reserved before or after park hours and you get the whole pool facility to yourself.

Erb and Mead Pool are open through Aug. 22. For more information about the two facilities, visit the pool programs section at:

Parties aren’t just for humans at Mead Pool. Dogs need a cooling off every now and again as well. The park has its annual Doggie Day on Aug. 23, a day after the pool closes for the year. “The dogs can swim around the pool as much as they want,” says Alec Hansen, manager at Mead Pool. It’s a day for the dogs, so people are not allowed to swim with their pups. Separate sessions will be held for large dogs and smaller dogs. Our furry friends are enduring another hot summer through their coats, so owners can reward their mutts with a fun day at the pool.

Doggie Swim

Don’t want to swim in heated, chlorine-filled water? Sunset Beach Swimming Facility has customers feeling the sand in between their toes while enjoying a relaxing swim. The man-made lake goes 14-feet deep to accommodate the high and low diving boards and the slides. Admission into the park ranges for children and adults, but toddlers and senior citizens get free entry. For more information on Sunset Beach Swimming Facility, which is open through Aug. 17, visit the parks and recreation section at:


You also could become one with nature and jump into Lake Winnebago at either the High Cliff State Park beach in Sherwood or the Menominee Park beach in Oshkosh. Admission to either state park requires the purchase of a park sticker, which can be bought in advance or at the time of arrival. If you don’t have a problem swimming with fish or having seaweed tickling the bottom of your feet, then that is perfect way to quickly cool off.

—By Alex Olp

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