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Art at the Park in Appleton turns 54 this year, but each summer event coordinators create new events to keep people coming back.

An attraction this year is a community art project which involves constructing a two-story papier-mâché Dr. Seuss hat to tie in “Under the Hat!,”The Trout Museum of Art’s up-coming exhibit.


Emma Reiser, operations manager for The Trout Museum of Art, says the hat will be constructed out of paper slips that community members sign, and when it is complete it will be mounted at the museum’s entrance.

The construction of the hat will take place Saturday at 9 a.m. to noon in Houdini Plaza, Appleton and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Art at the Park in City Park, Appleton.

Reiser explains that it was the staff’s idea to do this because they wanted to bring in their new exhibit,“Under the Hat!,” in a creative manner, and get the Fox Cities community on board.

Oliver Zornow, education manager for The Trout Museum of Art, encourages community members to participate with the hat’s construction.

“The hat construction is open to everyone, and we need them to help out,” Zornow says.

Local artist Steve Wirtz is managing the project and designed the wire frame for the hat, Zornow adds.

In addition to a giant hat, coordinators of Art at the Park want community members to foster a closer connection to the artists. Each artist will have a booth set up in which they will showcase their artwork.

The different types of art include ceramics, photography, glass, jewelry, computer imaging and more.


“Many times people don’t get a chance to talk with them, but when they come to Art at the Park they get to hear the stories behind the artwork and the creative process,” Reiser says.

Zornow agrees that the experience allows people to connect more with artists. “This is dramatically different than a museum. The diversity of art is so different and people get to interact with the artists,” Zornow says.

When asked what she wants people to feel when they come to the event, Reiser says she wants attendees to become excited about the visual arts.

She explains that people have told her that Art at the Park caters to many different interests, and that it is a great family event.

Art at the Park offers a variety of ways to engage yourself with art this weekend. Make a date to welcome the “Under the Hat!” exhibit by participating in the construction of the papier-mâché Dr. Seuss hat or browse through the array of artists displaying their craft. There are a plethora of activities to partake in. Find one that will captivate you.

— By Emily Showers 

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