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For the next stop of my cafe adventure, I checked out a popular cafe a friend recommended after I asked her for the name of a good place to get soup in Appleton.

She recommended Harmony Cafe on College Avenue. Since I am in Appleton two times a week for my internship with FOX CITIES Magazine, I was planning on checking out some of the local cafes anyway. This was the perfect opportunity for me to try one.

It makes a good first impression. The building is historic and has a lot of artistic character. It reminded me of a place you could find in downtown New York. I could tell it was a popular place for Lawrence University students to go for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat.

One of the remarkable things about Harmony Cafe is it is a non-profit coffeehouse. All of the profits go to Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin, an organization that helps fund community-based programs. It offers free Wifi and computer use to all of it’s customers. It is also a green coffeehouse. They use recyclable coffee cups, compost their coffee ground and filters, and most of their food waste.


The menu is diverse. It has vegetarian and vegan options for anyone who doesn’t eat meat.

Instead of soup, I tried the Cheesy Artichoke Chicken on Ciabatta. It was filled with gooey melting cheese, tender chunks of chicken and artichokes between a fresh ciabatta roll. One bite into this sandwich, and I was already planning my next visit.

Before I left, I had to try something from their coffee menu. They have so many coffee drinks to choose from, but after much thought and disregard to the idea of high calories, I ordered their Ice Cream Mocha. I waited for the drink for a while because of how busy they were, but it was worth it once I took a sip. This drink was so much better than any of the frappuccinos I’ve had elsewhere.


I would say my visit was definitely a successful one, as I will be returning to Harmony Cafe in the near future. Maybe for lunch with some friends next time.

The only letdown was that I got a parking ticket because my meter expired, but trust me, it was so worth it!

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