Siri departs FOX CITIES Magazine with the UK in her sights!

Saying goodbye is never easy. Today, FOX CITIES Magazine says goodbye to several of our interns here at FOX CITIES Magazine. We’ll miss them. We’ve seen them develop as writers and they have become important parts of the team.

As they head back to school and look forward to new challenges, we’ve asked them to share some final thoughts before they go.

Some final words from Siri Pairin:

When I first started working as an intern at Fox Cities Magazine three months ago, I found myself overwhelmed with a flurry of emotions. I felt overjoyed to be lucky enough to land a position that would give me invaluable experience as a journalist. I felt a little intimidated at the deftness and professionalism my coworkers presented, particularly by my brilliant fellow intern, Rebecca.

But perhaps most prominently, I felt determined.The teamwork, commitment and sincerity I found at Fox Cities Magazine confirmed for me that working for a local arts and culture publication is something I would love to do with my life.

This past summer, I have researched art, film and sustainability, all subjects that evoke my interest and passion. I have gone to all corners of the Fox Valley to interview artists, musicians and community leaders so that their voices could be heard in the stories I wrote about them.

Through these interviews and assignments I have also learned a lot about myself as a writer, a community member and a journalist.

The time I have spent connecting with both community members and coworkers has reminded me of the passion and soul present in the Fox Cities, and instilled in me a reborn love for my hometown.

Although the weeks that lie ahead of me hold equal amounts of preparation and excitement for my year abroad, I won’t easily step away from the hospitality I have been met with, the opportunities I have been given, and especially the friends I have made here at Fox Cities Magazine.


Not to be outdone, her counterpart Rebecca Turchan also has some final thoughts. You can read thosehere.

We’ll miss them both. They helped us through a period of transition this summer and we appreciate the professionalism and eagerness they brought to the job. We sish them the best of luck and expect to see big things from both of them.

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